Integrating Simulation Into HealthCare


program implementation  •  facility design  •  instructor development

The SimHealth Group, is a full service simulation facility design, instructor training, program assessment, development, and implementation group, founded in 2005 by, Michael Seropian MD and Bonnie Driggers RN, MS, MPA. We work with large and small organizations to provide sustainable solutions for growing healthcare simulation programs.

We are an inter-professional organization with representation from Medicine, Nursing, and Allied Health. Our firm is made up of active practitioners, simulation educators, and international leaders in the use of simulation and development of simulation in health care.

The service and work product we provide is individualized to the needs of our clients. We leverage the depth of experience and expertise of consultants from around the world to provide professional solutions that represent best-accepted practice.

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Team Member SpotlightInterprofessional Experienced


"Our experience with SimHealth was extremely positive. We developed a regional simulation collaborative that spans Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska and needed a third party objective group to come in and do a thorough assessment of where we were and make strong suggestions on where we needed to move next. They took the vision and made it real!"
"they supported the team as they began the process of standardized policy development across the consortium. They took the vision and made it real!"
"The SimHealth Group consistently exceeded our expectations. Their expertise in simulation technology coupled with their exceptional curriculum design is truly unprecedented. You can expect clearly defined goals that are developed collaboratively with you; rich, multi-media presentations that truly promote your understanding; networking opportunities; and ongoing assessment of your learning to ensure that all your goals are accomplished during your consultation."