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SimHealth Apprentice Program Curriculum (SAPC)

The SimHealth Simulation Apprentice Program Curriculum (SAPC) and instructor-credentialing tool may be licensed for your use to develop instructors.

For more information about licensing the apprentice curriculum.

  • The only commercially available mentor-based and structured simulation instructor development curricular framework.
  • License holders have access to a proprietary assessment tool that can be used to provide feedback or for internal credentialing of simulation instructors.
  • The curriculum allows institutions and programs to standardize the training experience and skill sets across a large number of people by using a defined set of core instructor competencies.
  • The curriculum is currently licenses by organization such as the Oregon Simulation Alliance, the California Institute for Nursing in Health Care, the Southern California Kaiser Community Benefit Foundation, the University of Tasmania, The U.S. Veterans Administration, and the Mississippi Institute for Higher Learning.
  • The curriculum used accepted instructional theory to provide structured training more limited 2-5 day courses.
  • The curriculum is based on established simulation instructor core competencies. It is structured for up to 3 – 6 months of contact time for simulation instructor trainees at established simulation programs.
  • The curriculum may be utilized for initial and ongoing simulation instructor development.
  • Licenses are available to train simulation instructors regionally or nationally.
  • The curricular structure is in alignment with the Society for Simulation CHSE standards.

For more information about licensing the apprentice curriculum.

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