Revolutionizing Healthcare Simulation: Training, Development, Design and Beyond.

Embark on a transformative journey with SimHealth Group, redefining simulation education, instructor training, and program development.

Our seasoned team of healthcare professionals, with over a century of combined leadership, offers internationally recognized courses, engaging learners through a multi-modal, inter-professional, and interactive approach. Dive into our program development services, blending meticulous business planning, strategic analysis, and risk assessment to ensure sustainable success. Explore facility design, AV technology integration, equipment evaluation, and program readiness assessment – all designed to elevate healthcare

Facility Design

The SimHealth Group works through all phases of simulation facility design and construction. Our design consultants work collaboratively with architects, users, and key stakeholders to ensure that the owner’s vision is translated to where form meets function. We bring to the table years of experience not only in design but also in the actual application of simulation-based training, education, assessment, and research. We have participated in the design of over 30 simulation facilities worldwide including facilities as small as 1,500 sq. feet to the three largest in the world – 125,000 to 250,000 sq. feet

We are dedicated to promoting simulation facility designs that further the pedagogy of healthcare education in a cost and time effect manner. Our principals were each integral in the evolution and creation of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare accreditation and certification standards. We are also intimately familiar with ACS and ASA accreditation standards. Our solutions bring best-accepted practice to provide clients with meaningful and personalized solutions.

“Our approach is methodical and goes beyond the superficial to also include flow, key adjacencies and support infrastructure. Simulation facilities are a true amalgamation of the clinical, theatrical, and educational environments”

Simulation Program Development And Business Planning

SimHealth Group offers a wide range of program development and business planning services to organizations from all sectors, public and private, including health systems, education and governmental agencies.  We will also work with pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers to implement and develop their simulation programs.

Simulation can be a costly endeavor without thoughtful strategy, planning, and implementation. Our consultants are the primary authors of several seminal peer-reviewed articles on simulation program development and planning.

Our comprehensive program development and business planning services include:

Business planning chart
  • Risk Assessment
  • Business Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Project management
  • Implementation

Business and operational planning is an integral component for program approval, funding and sustainability. The SimHealth Group has proven expertise in assisting organizations implement their simulation program. Our team of consultants will facilitate the development of detailed business and operational plans that address:

Organization DescriptionMission/Vision.
Financial Modeling and PlanningCapitol needs and planning.
Operation budget development.
Sustainability plan.
Market/Risk Analysis and Risk Mitigation PlanningOpportunity and threat analysis.
Strengths and weakness evaluation.
Competitive position analysis.
Development of Governance ModelsStrategic decision making.
Organizational decision making.
Operational day to day decision making.
Policy and procedure DevelopmentPersonnel forecasting, hiring, and trainingEquipment Planning
Phased implementation planningTimeline and deliverables developmentCommunication strategies
Project management

Simulation Instructor Training and Development

Simulation instructor proficiency is a significant determinant of a program’s success. A deep understanding of the methodology and the tools available is required to provide quality simulation-based training and education. The SimHealth Group of trainers are active educators that understand the educational needs of the hospital, school and governmental sectors. Our courses are in alignment with the new NCSBN guidelines on simulationSSH certification standards (CHSE), and INACSL standards

SimHealth Courses

  • Foundations in Simulation (Novice/Advanced beginner)
  • Advanced debriefing
  • Advanced scenario writing
  • CRM training using simulation
  • Custom courses also available

Training Strategy

  • Engagement
  • Professional
  • Interactive
  • Inter-professional
  • Multi-modal

SimHealth Instructors

  • Internationally recognized
  • Published
  • Expert educators
  • Dedicated
  • Inclusive and interactive

Program Readiness Assessment

Implementation of healthcare simulation can be a costly process. With our proprietary readiness assessment tool we evaluate over 100 data points to help organizations develop effective and sustainable simulation solutions. We integrate the data to provide a meaningful a risk assessment, with solutions and actionable recommendations. We have assessed over 60 institutions worldwide including health systems, government, and private entities. Contact us to learn more.

Report Options – Detailed Readiness • Abbreviated Executive Report • Global Risk Assessment

Equipment Evaluation and Procurement

Simulation and medical equipment highly influence the learner experience. Choosing the correct equipment and manufacturer is critical. The SimHealth Group helps clients identify and source simulation and medical equipment required to meet their programmatic needs.

Our simulation and medical equipment services include:

  • Development of specifications
  • Equipment list development
  • Equipment procurement
  • RFP evaluation
  • Equipment comparisons
  • General equipment consultation
  • Post-installation commissioning

Note: Images may not represent actual work done by SimHealth Group and are offered for illustration purposes only. There is no implied or actual endorsement.

Audio-Visual and Information Technology

Audio-Visual and Information Technology support is emerging as an integral part simulation-based education, training, research, and assessment. Systems provide educators and learners the ability to leverage technology to enhance learning. Proper selection of equipment will help mitigate the problems that many programs have faced.

Understanding the relationships between Audio-Visual, Information Management, Learning Management and Clinical Simulation Learning Management systems is key to the design and operations of a simulation program. Our team has deep experience in helping clients clarify their needs and craft solutions that are efficient, cost-effective and best practice. We provider vendor neutral recommendations that are tailored to meet specific needs.

Simulation program chart

Audio-visual and Clinical Simulation Management System Services:

  • Needs assessment and recommendations
  • Vendor identification and selection
  • Development of specifications
  • RFP development and Evaluation process 
  • Commissioning of equipment
  • Installation management/oversight to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls

Note: Images may not represent actual work done by SimHealth Group and are offered for illustration purposes only. There is no implied or actual endorsement.

Audio-visual and clinical simulation management systems chart

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